WARNING: Howtobeatcraigslist.tk Ponzi Scam Review-WARNING: Howtobeatcraigslist.tk Ponzi Scam Review

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PLEASE READ: A Must Read For Your Safety!!!

BUYER BEWARE. Howtobeatcraigslist.tk is a a fraudulent business. They do not offer a real product, any real service, nor any real value. They are thugs, stealing like thieves-these people are truly conmen.

The information videos they insist you buy are the exact same ones that can be seen on YouTube! Furthermore, in these videos they say they do not charge to learn their "material" yet their website says they must charge for membership. Want to warn others on their videos? No wonder they disabled the comments! Avoid them because they will lie to take your money. Of course you don't have to take my word for it...be careful.

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Well...it looks like the folks that you were complaining about changed their website and are now using the domain www.howto-beatcraigslist.com.....The site looks like a total scam with made up reviews. I wouldn't trust this new place at all. :roll


Dude, get over it!If you didn't like their stuff you should have just asked for a refund.

Only babies whine and complain like this.

Get a life!:cry


Yes, serious :) I am a business person too, and do not take issue with someone trying to make a living. I believe my original review is pretty self explanatory, but will try to simplify it as best as I can.

By the way, I don't believe in refunding. I pay for info to better myself, and stand behind each decision. A rotten apple is a rotten apple anyway you dress it, no matter how much you want it to be a kiwi. Why are these people not embarrassed? Have they no shame?

Don't get me wrong, the blog like site is very entertaining. The issue here is they sell how to information, and don't deliver once someone hands them money. I am convinced this how to information doesn't exist, they made it up. I wish I recorded or took photos of what they sent me once I paid, its sad.

Folks, do you want to know what this site sent me? A link to the same techno videos they have posted on youtube. I never said cheaper, this *** poor *** is run by the same fools who run HowToBeatCraigsList.tk The person above is probally associated with them and feels threatened. The sad thing is the only thing these videos have is more hype. How can you trust them? There are better more reputable sites, believe me!

In my business, a REAL business, I give my customers what they pay for. BTW It is an online business too! Poor little scammer ;) Touchy much that Rover is calling out your cash cow? Difference is mine produces real milk, yours must be a dressed up dog or something.

PS My name ain't your business, fixing that lying site of yours is, now run along now;)

to Lucky Rover Bingo Cypress, California, United States #608825

You sir are a liar, and most likely a competitor trying to make us look bad. Everything you state is a complete, bold faced LIE! Our site provides top quality information and not BS videos that can be easily found on Youtube. We would never post the information that we have on Youtube because that would get us banned. The only material we post on Youtube is promotional videos, not the actual tutorials.

Secondly, your claim that you were ripped off and that no information exists is complete BS. The system that we have in place is fully automated and verified through PayPal. The moment you complete your transaction, you are IMMEDIATELY taken to the video or PDF of your choice. There is no human intervention on our part. Also, if you were defrauded as you say, then everyone knows that PayPal would have given you your money back and PayPal would have stopped dealing with us. PayPal does not deal with Frauds. We have an Excellent rating with PayPal.

Thirdly, you are a poor liar. You claim that you were defrauded, and that we gave you nothing, yet in the next sentence you say that we gave you links to *** poor videos. So which is it? Did you get something for your payment or not? If you want to lie, at least take a minute to think it through.

Everyone should be aware that we provide 3 ways to get the information 1- Downloading which is FREE. This method is slow because the videos are multipart downloads that are on FREE servers which are slow. If you want convenience then you can pay for premium service which is 2- Streaming on the web on a private server. You can pay to watch the videos instantly on a private, fast server, or 3- join the Members Area where we provide all the material in a convenient, pleasant manner for you to view. So every user has a choice of a FREE method or a Pay method. You can choose how you want to get the material. For those people with plenty of time to burn, go ahead and use the free method. For those people with busy schedules who want to get the material fast and easy, you can use the pay methods and get it faster. Its your choice. We do not force you to do anything, and we do not defraud anyone. This guy is a LIAR and this review should be removed as a LIE!

PS: Your name is everyone business and the fact that you choose to conceal it makes you a bigger scammer hiding behind anonymity. We disclose who we are, you do not. The fact that you claim to have such a great business only confirms the fact that you are most likely a competitor and want desperately to affect the longest running Craigslist related website on the web. We were around before all the others and are still around now. While most Craigslist related websites are fly by night operations that make a quick buck and disappear, we have been around for years and will continue to be.


A Ponzi scheme, really?Do you even know what a Ponzi scheme is?

If you are going to make stuff up at least come up with something believable. I notice you dont state your name, or what happened and how you were ripped off. You say that they sold you videos that are available on Youtube? Then arent you the fool for buying something that you should have found on your own?

Sounds like sour grapes or buyers remorse. You bought something then found it somewhere else cheaper. I would say you are the dummy for not shopping around. Don't blame them for trying to make a living.

If you overpaid for something then that means that they DID sell you something legitimate and they just made it easier for you to find it. A service is worth money whether you like it or not.

You are probably the type that buys a book, reads it and then returns it to the store for a refund.I guess you are the scammer here.

to Are You Serious? #608928

Anyone willing to do a financial transaction or item

exchange and gets scammed.


Scammers DO WHAT THEY DO. If you are a victim,move on


Learn from your mistake you fcvking RETARD

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